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Miri Healthy City
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Miri Healthy City

Miri is situated in the North Eastern part of the State of Sarawak, a coastal city facing the South China Sea. It is the capital city of Miri Division. Over the last two decades, Miri has been developing rapidly and the population of Miri Town has increased from 52,125 in 1980 to 167,535 in 2000. From a mere oil town, Miri has expanded its economy and is poised to become a Resort City by 2005.  In line with this vision, various development projects have now taken place in Miri.

Photo : Aerial view of Miri Town

The Healthy City Concept was extended to Miri in 1999, which is also known as Miri Healthy Resort City. In fact, Miri is the second town in Sarawak to implement the Healthy City concept. The First Inter-Agency Conference on Healthy Miri Resort City was held on 16-19 March 1999. The Conference has developed the Vision and Plan of Action for Healthy Miri Resort City. The Vision of Healthy Miri Resort is as follows:

“Healthy Miri Resort City
…………… The Air is Fresher Here”

Healthy Miri Resort City captures the hearts of its citizens and visitors with its cleanliness, beautiful enchanting beaches, invigorating sea breeze, back-dropped by its green hills.

It welcomes people through its people-friendly airport and entry points with state-of-the-art facilities that ensures hassle-free entry to and exit from, the city.

It is a well-planned city that is landscaped in conducive themes and colours. Endowed with excellent road network, efficient and comprehensive public transportation system that provides an affordable and easy access to wide range of recreational, cultural, historical attractions, information centers and tourist spots.

A city that thrives in a dynamic and vibrant business climate and high level of employment supported by efficient management, delivery systems, essential services and one-stop service centers that employ the most modern communication and information technologies.

It is a city that incorporates well-planned designated industrial areas complete with all necessary infrastructures, utilities and facilities. These industrial areas are located at reasonable distance away from commercial and residential areas.

It is a safe city with affordable homes for its friendly, tolerant, civic-minded, law-abiding population of diverse races, languages and creeds.

There are adequate, accessible and affordable health facilities that provide high standard of services in a professional and caring manner.

The waterways and beaches are clean with clear water and always accessible to all for recreational and leisure activities.

A city that experiences a minimal waste generation, as there is an active reduce, reuse and recycle culture. Waste is efficiently and regularly collected for treatment and disposal that utilizes appropriate and environmentally friendly technology.

Follow-up to the first conference, the second Inter-Agency Conference on Healthy Miri Resort City was held on 12-13 June 2000 with the theme “Towards a Clean City”. The Conference was attended by various government departments in Miri, private sectors, NGOs and community leaders. Several papers were presented, covering the economic, physical and social issues. The conference basically reviewed the previous Plan of Action as well as developed a new set of Plan of Action for Miri Healthy City Programme.

Photo : Mr. Liaw Soon Eng, Miri Resident deliver his speech during the
Opening Ceremony of the Third Inter-Agency Conference on Healthy
Miri Resort City

The Third Inter-Agency Conference on Healthy Miri Resort City was held on 18-19 December 2002. In view of the rapid urbanisation process in Miri, this Conference focused on “Towards A Safer Environment”. This included not only the physical safety of the overall environment but the social aspects as well, which included safe food and drinks. The Conference was attended by representatives from various government departments/agencies, the NGOs as well as representatives from the private sectors. The conference reviewed the previous Plan of Action as well as developed a new set of Plan of Action.

Photo : Representatives from various Departments/Agencies
participated in the Third Inter-Agency Conference on Healthy
Miri Resort City